Consumers / I’m interested in renting a mobile bar for an event:

What is a mobile bar?

A mobile bar brings the bar to you! If you’re hosting an event at a venue, in your backyard, or somewhere that’s not set up to serve alcohol , a mobile bar can make your life infinitely easier. The bar provides everything from the alcohol to the glassware to the bartender(s). In some states, a mobile bar is not allowed to provide the alcohol, in which case you would provide it and the “dry mobile bar” would take it from there.

How do I rent a mobile bar for events?

With Find Mobile Bars, it couldn’t be easier:

  1. Visit the Booking page, and Submit some basics about your event: event type, location, Date/time, estimated budget, expected number of guests.
  2. We’ll send that info to local mobile bars, and they’ll get back to you with detailed info regarding how they can help with your event.
  3. Review your options, select the ideal bar for your event, and work with them directly – no middle men, no extra fees!
What’s a “dry bar” and how can I rent one?

If you’re in New York or another state that doesn’t allow mobile bars to supply alcohol, you’ll need to provide it yourself. However, a mobile bar can still be a huge help by taking serving duties off your hands and keeping everything organized.

To rent a dry mobile bar, simply fill out the info on the Booking page, and since bars will respond to you based on your location, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of dry bars.

Are mobile bars just for weddings?

No way! A mobile bar is ideal for any event at which you want to serve alcohol but don’t want to deal with everything involved in doing it yourself. A mobile bar allows you to fully enjoy the event without having to worry whether you’re running out of mixers or your beer is running dry.

So whether it’s a graduation, office party, outdoor concert, birthday party, you name it, a mobile bar can help make your event awesome!


Owners /I own a mobile bar:

Why should I list my mobile bar on Find Mobile Bars?

At Find Mobile Bars, we’ve established ourselves as the go-to for anyone who wants a mobile bar at their next event. Simply list your bar on Find Mobile Bars at no charge, and event organizers will be able to find you easily using our search and booking features.

How do I claim my mobile bar on Find Mobile Bars?

Visit the Find Mobile Bars Homepage, and search for your bar.

Once you bring up your listing, you’ll see a link to claim it.

Do so, then follow the prompts to complete your profile and confirm your contact info

If you don’t see your bar listed in the search results, Add Your Mobile Bar Here

Why should I claim my mobile bar?

While we may have some basic info for your business, claiming your listing allows you to make sure that what we do have is correct and to add things like links to your website, additional photos as well as your social media accounts.

Once your profile is claimed, your website, phone number and social media links are displayed at no cost.

I don’t see my mobile bar in my state. How do I add my mobile bar to Find Mobile Bars?

If you don’t find your mobile bar listed on our site, you can submit your details from our Add Your Mobile Bar page.

Your listing is completely free!

If you would like prime search result placement and to receive emails with real-time mobile bar leads, you can Become a Premium Member of Find Mobile Bars.

How does your membership program work?

Once you’re a premium member of Find Mobile Bars, we’ll email you right away whenever someone requests to book a mobile bar in your state.

At that point, you can reach out directly to the event organizer and go from there. We’re here to introduce you and let you do the rest.

We don’t believe in charging additional fees based on the number of leads you receive, how many you contact, or how many you book. The only cost to you is your periodic flat membership fee.

Why should I upgrade to a Premium membership?

While a basic listing will show up in search results and includes the basic info an event organizer needs to contact you, a premium listing makes it far more likely that someone searching for a mobile bar will actually reach out to you.

Perks include:

Receive Unlimited Event Inquiries From Your State (a free listing does not give you access to any direct event inquiries)

Show up before free listings in Search Results

Get noticed as a “Featured bar” in Search Results

A direct “Hire This Bar” Button and One-click Direct Inquiry Form For Bookings will be Displayed on your Listing

You’ll pay nothing beyond your flat periodic membership fee, and you can cancel at any time.

How do I upgrade to a Premium listing?

If you haven’t yet claimed your listing and confirmed your profile, you can upgrade as you do so.

If you’ve already claimed your listing, simply visit our membership page here and choose the monthly or annual plan to upgrade to a premium listing. We’ll contact you as soon as we see your confirmation with additional info.

Or, simply contact us and we’ll walk you through it.

How do I get access to qualified inquiries for mobile bar rentals?

Once you claim your free listing, anyone searching in your area on Find Mobile Bars will be able to reach out to you directly via the contact methods in your profile.

However, they will not be able to connect with you directly through Find Mobile Bars.

In order to receive qualified inquiries for mobile bar rentals in your state from Find Mobile Bars, you’ll need a premium listing.

Once you upgrade to a premium listing, you’ll receive an email whenever someone:

Clicks the Hire This Bar button on your listing and submits the resulting booking form, or

Submits a request looking to book a mobile bar in your state.

You don’t need to lift a finger; just watch the emails come in and decide which events you’d like to respond to.

There’s no limit to the inquiries you can receive, and there are no fees beyond your periodic membership fee.